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Alligators Nest

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Latitude -17.905487

Longitude 145.931433

Set amongst a picturesque picnic area, rainforest and running streams, is Alligators Nest, which is located 5 miles north of Tully. In spite of its name, there are no alligators or crocodiles in this area, so swimming is encouraged! The area was named after a local Scout group called ‘The Alligators’.

You can swim in its crystal clear waters, set against the rainforest backdrop and adorned with lilies, palms, fern-leaved tamarinds and fishbone water ferns.

Picnic facilities including gas barbecues, picnic tables, and toilets are provided. Keep your eyes peeled as you might see some of the stunning wildlife that inhabits the area including the ornate Nursery frog, Chameleon gecko and Eastern Water Dragon.   

There is car parking at the front of the picnic area; two-wheel drive vehicles can access the area easily.

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